DJI Matrice M300 Specifications and Zenmuse H20 Thermal Camera Unveiled

DJI Matrice M300 Specifications and Zenmuse H20 Thermal Camera Unveiled

DJI recently unveiled the specifications for Matrice M300 drone and Zenmuse H20 thermal camera which was rumored to launch date in late February. The new DJI Matrice M300 drone will be equipped with a brand new hybrid thermal camera which is known as the Zenmuse H20.

As we are very excited to share the news with you about DJI’s latest enterprise drone. It also marks as one of their biggest upgraded drone ever for professional drone entrepreneurs after the release of Mavic Mini last year. Some of you are already familiar that the old DJI Matrice 200 / 210 had some problems with batteries during rain.

Which is why DJI is introducing an all-new and improved battery for the Matrice M300 drone with better flight performance. To be frank with you, it is long overdue. However, we are thrilled to share in-depth details with you of the new specifications that Matrice M300 drone will be bringing to the table.

DJI Matrice M300 Specifications

Below is list of specifications that the DJI M300 drone is outfitted with. Be prepared for an impressive list of upgraded flight performance and functions that will blow away even the most avid and professional drone business owners.

  • Flight Time: 50+ Minutes
  • Maximum Payload: 2.7 Kilograms
  • Payload Support: XT2 / Z30 / TP1810 / GD610
  • FPV Camera: 1080P HD
  • Supported Payload: Can support up to 3 payloads at the same time.
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Standard Take-off Weight: 6,950 grams
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 9,000 grams
  • Battery: TB60 / 5,935mAh
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Target Acquisition: Spotlight Zoom
  • UAS Health Management System
  • Directional Sensing Range: 40 – 50 meters
  • Max Flight Distance: 10 km
  • Smart AI Inspection
  • Precise Inspection / Spot-Check

Zenmuse H20 Thermal Camera Specifications

  • Zenmuse H20 / H20T (Thermal)
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Distance Finder: Laser Range Finder
  • Night Mode: Color Pallet

In addition to series of upgrades like longer flight time, bigger remote control distance and implemented self-learning machine. The DJI Matrice M300 will be equipped with a hybrid Zenmuse H20 thermal camera. Which will give you the ability to detect heat signature while piloting the drone in airborne.

Several professionals like the fire departments, police departments, and construction workers have used thermal cameras to identify issues and provide solutions. Price-wise, we expect the price of DJI Matrice M300 to be more expensive than its previous predecessor. Considering the newly upgraded Zenmuse H20 thermal camera will add significant chunk cost on top of it.

What do you think of the new upgrades that DJI is rolling out for their latest enterprise quadcopter? Tell us what you think of DJI Matrice M300 drone and Zenmuse H20 thermal camera by commenting on the comments section below.

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