Facebook Launches CatchUp App, Revolutionary Audio-Only Group Phone Chats

Facebook Catchup App

2020 was supposed to be the year of voice. But ever since coronavirus have dramatically shifted the way our society interacts with physical distancing in place.

The people who calls you have been dodging will absolutely love CatchUp app, which was recently launched by Facebook on May 26th. The Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team created an app that’s similar to Houseparty.

CatchUp which is an audio-only app designed for group phone chats is available to download for free and lets users see who is available to voice chat. The app allows users to initiate both one-on-one and group calls with ease.

CatchUp is a standalone app, which means it is not connected to the Facebook at all. You do not need to have an existing Facebook account or an account on any companies owned by Facebook in order to use this app.

Instead of retrieving data from your Facebook account, CatchUp simply access your phone contacts and build the list from there. Which doesn’t means that all of your relatives who happens to be Facebook friends won’t be able to call you easily, just only randoms in your contacts who also downloaded CatchUp app.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the use and value of phone calls over video chats have increased more than internet use. But some people are hesitant and unsure whether to call their relatives or friends at bad times.

To alleviate this issue, the team implemented a feature called, “Ready-to-Talk” section in CatchUp app. Which will display people and groups who are currently on and using the app that makes it easy enough for relatives and friends to reach out whenever they are available.

While CatchUp is an experimental product and there’s some testing to be done before the app sees any success. Other apps owned by Facebook such as Instagram and WhatsApp have been integrating with the company over the years.

Facebook’s past history of integrating apps offers a clue that CatchUp app most likely won’t remain a walled-off service for that long.

CatchUp is available for a limited time only in the United States and can be download directly from iOS and Android. If you want to get in touch with your relatives and friends and don’t mind giving Facebook-affiliated service access to your contacts, by all the means go ahead and download the app now.

Voice calls isn’t new on Facebook and have been around for a while, notable on Messenger and WhatsApp. Although, CatchUp comes with several new features that makes it completely unique compared to these Facebook-integrated apps.

CatchUp doesn’t only works with your phone’s contacts, but also shows you anyone who is available for voice at any given time. Which makes it incredible easy enough to reach your relatives and friends at the best time.

How to Use CatchUp App

Facebook CatchUp App Group Phone Chats

To use CatchUp app, all you have to do is download and create an account. Your Facebook account is not required at all.

After you download CatchUp app, you will be prompted to confirm your age, first name and last name, a profile photo for your account. Finally, you will need to confirm your phone number.

Even though there are several apps that allows you to get in touch with your loved ones, friends and relatives via video calls and messaging — which all are great ways to send a quick update or to connect face-to-face.

But CatchUp app offers a perfect balance of convenience and personal connection. By addressing problems such as when to reach their loved ones, relatives and friends at a good time and making group phone chats even more accessible than ever before with a single tap.

Simply tap on the person that you would like to have a phone chat with. CatchUp app does a great job at allowing you to keep in touch with people, even those who are hard to get by due to busy schedule without reaching them at bad times thanks to their availability status.

Connecting with people can be done via your smartphone, and if you prefer to be able to communicate on the go then using wireless bluetooth earbuds such as Surface Earbuds will work with the app.

As I mentioned previously, CatchUp app is currently in experimental mode for a limited time. You can download it via either iOS or Android and get started with phone chatting your relatives and friends as long as they have the app.

Stay tuned for more updates on the CatchUp app.

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