Fire TV Deals: Save up to $120 Off Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick, Cube and Recast

Amazon Fire TV Deals

This week is limited time only Fire TV deals. We scourged on Amazon’s website and found out that you can save up to $120 off on Fire TV 4K Stick, Cube and Recast. If you are looking to upgrade your entertainment experience, today is a good time to buy all these gadgets together and save up to $120 off.

This limited time-based deal features Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick, Cube and Recast. After the limited deal expire, it will return to its original price tag. We do not know when it will have another deal, most likely not anytime soon. So, if you are looking to snatch some gadgets, today is a good time to have your hands on these three popular Fire TV devices.

Stick with us to find out why you should buy Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick, Cube and Recast.

Fire TV 4K Stick (Check Price)

Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick

Believe it or not, Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick is one of the most powerful streaming media device. You can watch your favorites on YouTube, Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO, Netflix and more. Plus, you can stream for free with Pluto, IMDB TV and more. This device lets you launch and control content via your voice command with built-in Alexa Assistant.

Unlike other generic media sticks, Amazon Fire TV 4K lets you stream content at an impressive 4K Ultra HD resolution. Furthermore, you can adjust the resolution to either Dolby Vision, HDR and even HDR10+. With this device, you will have access to choose from over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Best of all, they are updated on daily basis so there are always going to have content for you to enjoy.

Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick also comes with expanded storage that allows you to store more apps and games that is far superior compared to generic streaming media stick. With this gadget, you can literally experience and enjoy thousands of channels, apps, games and even utilize Alexa skills.

Typically Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick is priced at $49.99 but you can save $15 off and get it just only for $34.99 via here.

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Fire TV Cube (Check Price)

Amazon Fire TV Cube

If the ability to enjoy content at lighting speed is the most important part to you. Then Amazon Fire TV Cube is the right choice for you. This powerful streaming media device is the fastest and smartest TV you will ever come across. It is fully compatible with majority of soundbars and features built-in speakers. One of the main advantage this TV cube has is built-in Alexa Assistant that lets you control content via voice command.

Plus you can always ask it to check weather if you plan to go out soon in addition to remotely controlling lighting, music and other smart home functions. With Amazon Fire TV Cube, you will have an instant access to 4K Ultra HD content like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO and even more.

You can easily integrate Fire TV Cube with Fire TV 4K Stick to maximize your experience and quality of life. As of right now, Fire TV Cube is on a special limited-time deal just for $20 off its original price tag. Normally it has a price tag of $119.99, but you can get it just for $99.99 here.

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Fire TV Recast (Check Price)

Amazon Fire TV Recast

Another popular Fire TV Deal that we want to share with you is the Fire TV Recast. Compared to Fire TV 4K Stick and Fire TV Cube. This gadget is the ultimate DVR that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV at home either with Fire TV or Echo Show without any monthly fees.

Which means you can fully enjoy local news, sports, late night shows and other TV shows that you don’t want to miss on the channels. One of the main feature that Amazon Fire TV Recast has is the ability to record up to 2 shows at once. It even can store up to 75 hours of HD programming that lets you rewind and see your favorite TV shows.

Furthermore, Fire TV Recast comes with built-in Alexa Assistant that lets you search for shows, control content and manage recordings all by your voice. Fire TV Recast is praised as one of the most reliable video streams on Wi-Fi over any generic DVRs. Typically, this gadget has an original price tag of $229.99 but for a limited time only, you can snatch it for merely $144.99 here.

Product Link: Check Price

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