General Motors Resurrects Hummer as an All-Electric Super Truck with 1,000 Horsepower

General Motors All Electric Hummer

General Motors will be bringing back the Hummer, which is known as a gas-guzzling, military-style SUV as an all electric Super Truck with impressive horsepower, acceleration and torque. The automaker confirmed last Thursday that they are indeed building an all electric super truck.

They released three online teasers which will be playing ahead of the Super Bowl ads, featuring NBA star LeBron James riding in the electric vehicle. These online teasers are scheduled to air during the second quarter of Sunday’s game. This is the latest move to woo and capture audience who is looking to buy luxury military-style SUV.

The all new electric vehicle pickup super truck will come with 1,000 horsepower and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. Furthermore, it will be able to tow up to 11,500 pounds with ease. Price for the electric vehicle Hummer is still to be announce, yet.

In the company’s words, they describe the new Hummer as an incredible capable truck combined with supercar characteristics. There are times where these features would have been helpful. Hence, the creation of truck and supercar has born a super truck.

The online teaser videos reveals the specifications of Hummer as well as previewing the front of the pickup. It shows a completely new design of the Hummer’s well-known slotted grill with a big capital letter which says, “HUMMER” in a backlit background.

The new design approach to remodernize Hummer as an electric vehicle is very different from what the company has done. General Motors says that they are currently making the transportation from gas space into electric space, potentially tapping in an entire new untapped market.

The company has likened the new all-electric Hummer as a quiet revolution that is based on its quiet performance. There are no information regarding plans to produce an all electric GMC Hummer SUV. The design of this vehicle was based on High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or known as “Humvee” used by the United States military.

Before the electric vehicles became popular, Hummer was a very popular luxury car. Although, it became a source of criticism because of its massive size and very poor gas mileage. Each gallon of fuel only provided the vehicle up to 15 miles which made it unappealing to majority of the audience.

As of result, the Hummer was discontinued after the company went bankrupt. High gas price and earning a bad reputation for causing too much carbon dixode into the atmosphere also impacted the automaker’s decision to stop producing Hummer back in 2010.

General Motors states they do not plan to build gas-powered Hummer with integrated internal combustion engine anymore. The new all-electric Hummer is expected to help General Motors save and expand their capital as a stand-alone brand. Furthermore, it will mark as the company’s first electric vehicle.

Both GMC truck and SUV became super profitable for the automaker, mainly targeted toward affluent and educated customer base. The new Hummer EV is expected to command high prices as a lifestyle pickup truck will further grow the company’s stocks and customer base.

It is expected to become a part of the new lineup to growing electric vehicle market. General Motors will be extending its family with the introduction of Hummer EV in 2021. President of General Motors, Mark Reuss, said there won’t be just one version of pickup, but there will be multiple variants to cater to each customers individually.

The new Hummer EV is expected to enter the United States market in the next few years and potentially go into production as soon as 2021. Rivian is also producing R1T Truck and R1S SUV which will be release to the customers who pre-ordered for it late 2020 and early 2021, respectively. The initial price for these vehicles will be lowered than expected after the startup company’s recent announcement.

Meanwhile, Tesla is working on rolling out new updates for Model S and Model X. This electric vehicle automaker behemoth also won the legal right to sell and service in Michigan where Rivian is located at. Potentially spark competition between these two wildly popular electric vehicle automakers.

Few months ago, Tesla filed an application to patent on a chemical formula to double the battery lifecycle as a part of Elon Musk’s one million miles battery goal. As more automakers are shifting their focus from gas-powered space to electric-powered space. The competition will grow and the price of these electric vehicles will gradually become cheaper.

What are you thoughts about General Motors Company all new electric vehicle Hummer? Are you excited about possibly driving an electric military-style SUV around? Let us know what you think by commenting below in the comments section.

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