Google is Developing New Message Service to Take on Microsoft Slack

Google is Developing New Message Service to Take on Microsoft Slack

According to a report from The Information (subscription required), Google is developing a new message service that aims to take Microsoft Slack down. The GSuite team at Google is working on a new mobile app that focuses on bringing multiple standalone apps that is already offered by the company into an unified platform.

Google envisions it as an enterprise communications app that follows similar lines as Slack and Microsoft Teams. This means the company will integrate G-Mail, Google Drive, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet and other functional apps onto one platform for simple navigation while offering enterprise customers the tools they need for business purposes.

Being able to pull data from the last e-mail you sent to the person will be incredible useful. Although, Google is referring this new enterprise-class communication tool as a mobile app. The company didn’t mention anything about a web-based or desktop-based app for this tool — which majority of Slack users are using.

Google’s new message service also will bring in other features and merge them onto a single consumer chat platform. If this new message service launches, it will become the company’s tenth messaging app. It indicates Google’s inability to stick with the released apps, which gives company a reputation for ditching apps over the years.

But it looks like the company isn’t giving up any time soon. It is focusing hard on building a mobile app to combine all of these apps. However, if it proven to be a success, it could help pave Google’s expansion in the mobile world as well as connecting customers on desktop.

As of now, it is hard to establish new user base when Google is constantly shutting down some of its services that left many of the users wary about using them. Google will have to prove use and earn trust from the users in order to build an established base. Perhaps we will learn more about Google’s new message service during the conference in May 2020.

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