Ever wanted to fly a drone outfitted with great camera quality without spending too much money? Then you are certainly in for a treat because we are going to do an in-depth Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone review.

Before we dive into details, I wanted to briefly explain the drone manufacturer behind this stellar camera quadcopter. Holy Stone first made its debut in 2015 with their toy-grade drone dubbed as HS170 Predator which become an instant success for the company.

Ever since their first drone launch, they have been steadily upgrading their existing drones and introducing new quadcopters with improved features. Holy Stone maintains an impressive reputation for their exceptional customer service and quality products. They also dominates the market mainly in toy and camera drones.

It is a no wonder that Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is among one of their customers’ favorite drone. If you are still reading our in-depth Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone, then you are interested in learning more about this flagship model. Stick with us to find out why we are very excited to share information with you about this camera drone.

In The Box

In our first part of Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia review, we are going to talk about what is included inside the box. There are three different color types to choose from: black, gray and white. While they all come with the same parts and pieces that you need to operate the drone, it gives you the option to pick your favorite color.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Drone

Just like every other drones, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia comes with a large battery, remote controller, and an user manual. Holy Stone is well known for packing the items and drone that fits in the box seamless. Which gives out an impression of exceptional packaging quality. Upon receiving the package, you should expect to get these following items in the box:

  • Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia
  • Remote Controller
  • Drone Battery
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Dual Balance Charger
  • 8 x Propellers
  • Propeller Spanner
  • 2 x Landing Gear
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual

Design and Build Quality

On the first impression, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia appeared to be a well crafted drone. Its body framework is made of durable ABS plastic combined with alloy metal that provides the drone superior durability. Unlike toy-grade drones such as Bolt Bee, the enhanced durability also protects the drone against rough impacts which makes it the perfect pick for beginners.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Review

Aside from its exceptional durability, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone is packed with a large battery, brushless motors, quick-release propellers and 1-axis gimbal camera. Which I will further talk more about them in details throughout the review article.


Believe it or not, a single fully charge battery provides up to 22 minutes of flight time. This incredible 2,800 battery capacity is packed with just enough power to keep HS700D Ophelia drone running. One of the main feature it has is built-in low power alert that notifies you when it is almost out of juice.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Drone Battery

Typically it takes around 6 to 7 hours to recharge the battery. At first, it does sound quite a bit too long for recharging a single battery. However, we highly recommend that you purchase additional batteries with charging cable to accelerate and reduce downtime.

Motors & Propellers

One of the main design advantage that Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia brings to the table is the ability to deliver quiet noise. This drone is outfitted with brushless motors that doesn’t make any loud noise and is still powerful enough to meet its performance demand.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Motors and Propellers

In fact, these brushless motors lasts much longer compared to brushed motors. Plus, they don’t need that much maintenance which makes it super easy for beginners and experienced remote pilots to fully enjoy piloting this quadcopter.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia also takes advantage of the cutting edge quick-release propellers technology that is becoming an integrate core feature for the next generation of drones. Simple, cost-effective and easy to use that a beginner will absolutely have no issue repairing their drone.


Underneath the drone’s main body framework is a camera with an impressive 2K HD resolution quality. It is incredible capable of capturing stills and recording videos at 2K HD / 30 FPS. Which delivers exceptional quality that you can share with your family and friends.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Camera Drone


Best of all, this camera features built-in 1-axis gimbal stabilizer. This helps minimize the vibration to provide smoother and fluid footage appearance. Which makes Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia one of the first camera drone to have an integrated camera stabilizer feature.

Flight Performance

In the next part of our in-depth Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone review, we are going to talk about its flight performance. This quadcopter isn’t your average gadget out of a factory mill. In fact, it is perfect capable of handling light to moderate wind. Thanks to its large weight and brushless motors that helps it maintain steadfast performance.

One of the important function that have impact on this drone’s flight performance is built-in GPS module. This function communicates with the satellites to provide the drone with precise hovering location. Which in exchange helps ensure a smooth and fluid flight experience for the drone operator. This will be further talked in details in the next section. We also will cover range and battery as well as intelligent flight modes.

Flight Controls

Perhaps getting to know the basics of flight controls is the most important part in this review. Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is relatively easy enough for a beginner with no prior flight experience to pick up and learn how to fly. Mainly because of the drone’s built-in GPS module and simplified remote controller.

Since majority of the drone’s flight controls are done autonomously using its built-in intelligent chip. The drone operator only need to focus on navigating the quadcopter around. And to perform necessary flight maneuvers when needed to.

Range and Battery

Holy Stone HS700D drone have a maximum remote control distance up to 3,280 feet or 1 mile. At the price tag that this quadcopter is going for, it is definitely an impressive operating control distance. If you plan to operate this quadcopter using your smartphone through first person view mode, expect a maximum remote control distance up to 2,600 feet.

Flight-wise, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone can stay airborne for up to 22 minutes on a single battery charge. Although, you should realistically expect an average flight time up to 20 minutes. This is to account the time it takes to takeoff and landing. If you want to fly more, we recommend purchasing additional batteries.

Intelligent Flight Modes

This advanced camera drone introduces intelligent flight modes, thanks to built-in GPS module. One of the advantage using this feature is that it elevates the professional appearance of your footage. Set this drone to follow wherever you go, or to perform a 360-degree video around a cruise ship.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia camera drone is perfectly capable of producing quality stills and footage with its built-in intelligent flight modes. These functions are there to make it easy and simple enough to perform advanced flight modes without the need of a second drone operator.


The next section of our in-depth Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone review, we are going to dive deep in its features. Unlike toy-grade drones, Holy Stone HS700D is literally packed with ton of features. While there is too many to list here, we only picked the features that is worth mentioning, especially for beginners who are looking to pick their first drone.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Features

Keep it in your mind that Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is an advanced camera drone. Which means it is capable of performing autonomous flight functions as well as the ability to operate camera remotely. Without further ado, here is list of features for this camera quadcopter:

Automatic Takeoff / Landing

With built-in automatic takeoff / landing that makes the entire flight experience simple and smooth for beginners and experienced remote pilots. Simply push the button to takeoff and the drone will do it automatically. The same goes for landing the drone. This feature makes it very easy enough to launch your flight operations.

Smart Return to Home

If you ever found your drone out of sight and isn’t sure where it is located at. You can take advantage of its built-in smart return to home. To do this, simply push return to home. This will send signal to Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone and it will fly upward several meters before flying back home. Which ensures the drone have no obstructions in its flight path.

Optical Flow

One of the important feature that this camera drone has is built-in optical flow system. This performance feature makes sure the air flow is optimized to provide smooth and steady flight controls. It is a must-have function in case GPS mode isn’t working temporarily which lets you take the rein of drone easily.

GPS Mode

As mentioned previously throughout the review article, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia comes with built-in GPS module. Which lets the drone maintain a steady hovering position without too much input from the remote pilot. Thus, allowing for easier flight controls for everyone.

Speed Mode

Speed Mode is another feature that Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone introduces. This function gives you the option to adjust its flight speed setting based on your preferences. By default, the drone will be at its slowest speed setting that lets you learn the basics of flight controls. Once you master the basics, you can adjust the speed setting to experience its true performance.

Headless Mode

Another excellent feature that is worth mentioning in our Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone review is the headless mode. Basically, this feature lets you switch the control orientation from the remote controller to drone. Fly the quadcopter in the direction you are pushing the movement lever at.

Remote Controlled Camera

Finally, you can control the drone’s camera remotely. Thanks to its built-in GPS module, you can adjust the camera view to capture special moments or to perfect aerial tricks. The ability to operate camera remotely gives you a wide degree of flexibility to bring your creativity to life.


At the first look, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone remote controller is bulky and heavy to use. Given its appearance, it probably does look a bit complex. However, the remote controller is actually straightforward and simple enough even for a beginner to use. In fact, its controls are simplified.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Remote Controller

Which means there isn’t too much clutter and each button comes with inscription that tells you exactly what they do. This makes it easy enough for any beginners and experienced remote pilot to learn how to fly this drone without the need of an user manual. But, we will talk more in details about Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia remote controller including its transmission system, operating distance and battery capacity.

Transmission System

The size of remote controller is big enough to be held with two hands. It comes with built-in antennas which uses 2.4GHz frequency to transmit signal from the remote controller to drone and vice versa. One of the advantage that this remote controller has is interference cancellation feature which keeps the signal clear and focused to the drone while preventing random Wi-Fi from interrupting the connection.

Operating Distance

At the distance that you can command the drone with this remote controller, it is capable of providing a maximum remote distance up to 1 mile. Which is actually quite impressive for an advanced camera drone at this price range.

Battery Capacity

You do not need to purchase store batteries for this remote controller. However, do keep it in your mind that Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia remote controller features built-in rechargable battery. On average, it has up to 3 to 4 hours of working time before it needs to be recharge. The size of its battery capacity and working time is reasonable.

Final Verdict

As we conclude our in-depth Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone review. You are probably thinking to yourself, should I buy Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone? If you are a beginner and looking to have your hands on one of these smart camera drones. Then you have come to the right spot because the HS700D Ophelia is undoubtedly the best quadcopter in its price range.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia GPS Camera Drone

In addition to that, it boasts an impressive flight performance up to 20 minutes of flight time and a maximum remote control distance up to 1 mile. You even can control its camera remotely which makes it super easy enough to capture mouthwatering aerial perspective.

Whether you are a beginner looking to start your adventure into world of drones or an experienced remote pilot, Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia quadcopter is a solid pick. There is no other drones that matches this quadcopter’s superior performance and capabilities. You can buy this drone via these product links:

  • White Version Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia: Click Here
  • Gray Version Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia: Click Here
  • Black Version Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia: Click Here
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