Juul Employees Finds it is Difficult to Quit Vaping at Office

Juul Employees Finds it is Difficult to Quit Vaping at Office

It is a no surprise that a company who developed a discreet and highly addictive nicotine product would have issue preventing their own employees from vaping at the workplace. The Juul Employees are finding it is difficult to quit vaping at their office amid the mounting pressure from public agencies and U.S government.

According to the Wall Street Journal who reported this week despite pleas from Juul management and threats of withholding bonuses and termination for vaping at work. The practice remains unchecked among several Juul employees.

Wall Street Journal reported that some employees vapes in indoor spaces like at their desks and in hallways. Even a few of them vapes right in front of their workers during the meetings. One of the primary reason why Juul employees is buckling to the demands to stop vaping in indoor is because lack of designated space.

Last year, the former Juul CEO Kevin Burns sent an e-mail to employees informing them that vaping is prohibited at the workplace. He also stated that a tent will be provided to accommodate vapers at the company’s headquarters located in San Francisco.

Juul Employees Quit Vaping

Although, there have been no tents set up more than a year later. A spokesperson for Juul declined to comment regarding to the plans for the tent. But did state that the company is committed to maintaining a smoke and vapor-free workplace.”

This is a part of ongoing effort to comply with the state and local laws. However, after Burns sent the e-mail to address vaping issue at the workplace last year. Several Juul employees and even the company’s founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees have been reportedly vaping in the workspace.

The Juul spokesperson stated that the company’s policy strictly prohibits vaping at their U.S facilities where the applicable law and lease agreements don’t allow vaping. They do take this commitment very seriously and seeks to take appropriate actions against violations.

More recently, the U.S federal government raised the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21. Which caused Juul to struggle in recovering public favor last year as it loses grip of its products among the youth.

Juul Vaping Cigarette

Juul also faced pressure from the public health departments across the nations to rescind its fruity flavor products from sale. First from their physical stores and finally from its own online shop. The fallout isn’t just only felt by the company itself but has a rippling effect.

For instance, the fallout prompted Apple to ban all vaping-related apps from its own app store. As Juul continues to struggle to recover the loss of profit. The company had to lay off around 650 people as part of ongoing effort to reduce costs.

Recent research study have shown that vaping isn’t a safe choice either. Due to the fact that vaping contains chemical that causes cancer and diseases like popcorn lung. The public health agencies are raising awareness to educate the youth and adults about the dangers of vaping.

Given all of these information regarding news revolving Juul. Their products is very addictive which is both by the design and style. It does surely raise the wonder why Juul employees vapes at work? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below in the comments section.

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