The Lincoln Motor Company confirmed that they are working on building an all-electric vehicle SUV that will be powered using Rivian’s latest technology. It will be Lincoln’s first all-electric vehicle. But the company didn’t said when it is due for release date nor does it offer any details information like pricing and specifications.

The company stated that their new all-electric vehicle SUV will “feature connected and intuitive technologies designed to create an effortless experience for Lincoln clients.” Lincoln’s parent company, Ford, invested $500 million in Rivian, a startup EV company late in April 2019 and says it will build an electric vehicle using Rivian’s technology.

Which means it will use Rivian’s battery, electric motors, and other parts that makes an electric vehicle. Reports that the company is building a Lincoln SUV but hasn’t confirmed any parts until just today. This is the latest addition to a growing electric vehicle market after Tesla won the rights to sell and service in Michigan, setting up for a heated contest with Rivian whose its headquarter is located in the state.

Rivian is a startup electric company based in Michigan which is founded in 2009. It has spend almost 10 years operating quietly before unveiling an all-electric R1T Truck and R1S SUV at the Los Angels Auto Show in November 2018 that generated a lot of buzz.

Each vehicles are priced $69,500 and $81,000 respectively. Although, Rivian announced that the base price for both vehicles will be lowered than initially expected. Customers who pre-ordered either R1T or R1S are not complaining about it at all.

Both vehicles are expected to be go into production and will be deliver to customers who reserved spot between late 2020 and early 2021. Rivian promised to deliver state-of-the-art technology as well as top-of-the-line performance, sporting an impressive driving range and acceleration speed. Which explains why the motor companies like Ford and Lincoln are interested in acquiring the company’s technology.

The startup EV company has been trailblazing since it first unveiled prototypes last year. They announced that Inc has invested $700 million and will be building delivery trucks using the company’s technology. Furthermore, they announced the Ford investment and $350 million in financing from Cox Automotive. Short after, they got $1.3 billion funds from T. Row Price which propelled the startup company even further.

At the same time, Rivian is hiring top talent from the automotive industry, poaching skilled employees from Ford, Tesla and would-be rival Faraday Future. Since its launch, Rivian only had 750 employees. But it has quickly swell more than 1,700 employees including most of the team that infamously made the EV1 electric car.

The possibility of Lincoln building a new electric vehicle SUV is certainly a nice addition and provide more brands to choose from. As of current, popular electric vehicles are limited to Tesla and Rivian. As the automaker makes transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles, the market has a lot of room to grow.

Customers who are interested in either R1T or R1S still can reserve their spot via official company’s website portal.

What do you think of Lincoln building an all electric vehicle SUV using Rivian’s technology and platform? Let us know whether you are excited about introduction of new electric vehicles to the market by commenting below in the comments section. Happy driving and drive smart!

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