Microsoft Investigates Surface Earbuds Hissing Issue Amid User Complaints

Microsoft Investigating Surface Earbuds Hissing Issue

Surface Earbuds hissing noise can be heard whenever audio is being played and many users are not taking it lightly at all. Some users were annoyed about the hissing issue and took it to the Microsoft forums to complain about it.

According to the posts on Microsoft Forums, users said that the hissing sound can be heard from the earbuds, which lasts for around 2 to 3 seconds.

The hissing noise appears not to have any interference on the functionality or performance of the earbuds. Although, some users found it to be an issue and is looking for a solution to remove the annoying sound.

The Microsoft Forum moderator acknowledge the issue that the Surface Earbuds users were experiencing and even suggested a number of fixes to resolve the hissing sound, but they haven’t explained what’s the problem behind it.

Some users claims this occurs when the earbuds is going to be used. For instance, when the connected device is unlocked or a call is about to be made, then the hissing noise appears.

It also could indicate that the sound of right earbud establishing a connection with the left earbud. Some users also suggested that the hissing noise is caused by a poorly calibrated amplifier.

Microsoft is currently investigating the issue that causes Surface Earbuds to produce hissing noises. At the current moment, it is not known if it is related to hardware of software. But if it’s the latter, then a simple update should address the issue.

The wireless earbuds market is pretty huge and competitive, so the consumer isn’t starved of options. If they are not happy with Surface Earbuds, they can easily pick different brands such as Google’s Pixel Buds 2 or Apple’s AirPods.

While the extent of problem for Surface Earbuds is currently unknown, a sound-related issue that happens early in the life cycle typically isn’t a good sign.

Though, the hissing noise doesn’t only happen with Surface Earbuds, but also in other earbuds. So it isn’t just limited to only Microsoft brand, but other brands that uses bluetooth technology.

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds shows promise in being productivity-oriented and is comfortable enough to wear. A persistent hissing noise can easily undermine all of that and ward off potential buyers in the market.

Microsoft Investigates Surface Earbuds Hissing Issue

Microsoft Surface Earbuds News

If you are looking to pick up a new set of wireless earbuds to enjoy your favorite music or just to get in touch with your family and friends, then you might want to consider checking out these high-end earbuds alternatives to the Surface Earbuds.

Surface Earbuds users said on Microsoft Forums that the quality of sound is good, audio playback works pretty well and the sound is consistent. Which means not all is lost if Microsoft gets to the bottom of mysteries that is producing hissing noise.

Likewise, the hissing issue do not seem to have any impact on the performance or functionality of Surface Earbuds, which reveals it is a good sign for costumers who wants a set of high-performing earbuds.

Some people do not mind the hissing issue at all and prefers to keep until Microsoft finds a solution, roll it out, and explains the problem behind it.

But for some people, the issue is simply too much to handle. So finding alternative set of high-performing earbuds might be an option.

In fact, there are several competitors who are vying for high-end wireless earbuds in the market. A very popular alternative to the Surface Earbuds is Google Pixel Bud 2, which was released recently this May.

Granted, Google Pixel Bud 2 is cheaper compared to Surface Earbuds, but it doesn’t have features such as Office 365 integration and voice controls — the most anticipated feature for Microsoft users.

While there isn’t that much of information to be said about the hissing noise for Surface Earbuds. We can rest assured that Microsoft acknowledged the issues and is investigating it.

Hopefully there will be something done to address the issue soon so that Surface Earbuds users can start using them again with peace of mind and get better listening experience.

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