Tesla Model X and Model S Factory Wireless Phone Charger to Release on February 2020

Tesla Model X and Model S Factory Wireless Phone Charger Will Arrive Soon

Brand new Tesla factory wireless phone charger with an extended power profile will arrive soon. Which is based on a product page that was published by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). According to several speculations based on the recent leaked information that this brand new wireless phone charger will be available for Tesla Model X SUV and Model S Sedan by end of February 2020.

Aside from the fact that this Qi wireless phone charger that has an extended power profile. It has the ability to raise its charging power for turbo-charging. Currently, the details regarding Tesla’s factory made wireless phone charger is limited. Redditor u/sameerb was the first person to notice Tesla’s branded wireless phone charger on WPC, which is a group comprised of more than 600 companies working together around the world to ensure worldwide compatibility of wireless charges and power sources based on the Qi Standards.

Tesla Model X and Model S Wireless Phone Charger

Tesla’s current Model 3 Qi wireless phone charger is sold for $125. It is designed to recharge up to two phones at once with its non-slip, silicone surface. Not to forget to mention that there are more popular options from other brands like Jeda and Nomad that sells similar product for just $99. However, the consumer market seems to lean toward Tesla-branded car accessories.

As of now, it is unclear whether the new Tesla wireless phone charger will be available for Model 3. It might also work for Model S and Model X or even the most-awaited electric crossover Model Y. Meanwhile, there was a leaked information about the new software update. According to @greentheonly, a Tesla community member and resident hacker tweeted with the new hardware rollout could be imminent for Model S and Model X.

He did mentioned that the hardware update will further integrate the existing Model S and Model X with the ability to charge your smartphones wireless using Qi chargers. This is the latest indication which confirms the purpose of the wireless phone charger on WPC website.

Furthermore, @greentheonly mentioned there are two battery types but was unable to determine the capacity of these batteries. This missing piece of information could be well likely related what Tesla Motors Club member Chilam experienced when he replaced his car’s battery and got an impressive 85kWh / 350VDC versus the original 400VDC.

Tesla also recently filed an application to patent a chemical formula that doubles the battery lifecycle. The new chemical formula will further extend the battery range from typically 300 miles to an impressive 600 miles on a single charge. It is also part of Elon Musk’s grand goal to achieve one million miles battery capacity.

Below is the details of original Qi wireless charging pad that plans to be introduce sometimes this end of February 2020:

Tesla Model X Model S Qi Wireless Phone Charger

Tesla Factory Wireless Phone Charger for Model X & S

While the news of possibly new Tesla factory wireless phone charger rolling out at end of February 2020. Information about it seems to be pointing in the direction that Tesla is going to roll out new car accessories for Model X and S. Possibly for the most-awaited Model Y, an electrical crossover vehicle.

Further integrating Qi wireless phone charger for Tesla cars is definitely the right direction. By being able to charge your mobile devices on the go and improving quality of life. Soon enough, you will be able to enjoy driving your own Tesla car with wireless phone charger. The cords are becoming past and wireless phone chargers are the future.

What do you think of the new Tesla factory wireless phone charger which is planned for release by end of February 2020? Let us know what you think by commenting in the comments section below. Happy charging!

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