Tesla to Start Selling Cars in Israel In January 2020

Tesla to Start Selling Cars in Israel In January 2020

Tesla is reportedly to begin selling its first batch of electrical vehicles in Israel, starting in January 2020. Just like the company does to every other countries. Tesla will offer its model to customers online and at its physical stores. Where customers can come in to learn more about the Tesla cars on-site.

Prices for the Tesla cars have not been announced yet in Israel. Ramat Aviv Mall is reportedly to become the first physical store to sell directly to the public instead of using the services of a designated importer. The store is located in Tel Aviv and will be available to customers in January 2020.

Earlier in November, Tesla registered Tesla Motors Israel Ltd. as a fully owned subsidiary company with the Israel government. They also posted an opening to hire a person to take the charge of the operations in Israel. Responsibilities also included driving the service, making the salves and fulfilling deliveries.

The open job posting also included additional duties like hiring local workforce and liaising with the government when required. Developing the local market and participating in strategic design of the Tesla’s changing infrastructure footprint to make sales and engaging with the customers is also required.

At the time of this post, when we google Tesla website for a Supercharger located at Tel Aviv. It automatically defaults to a list of locations in the United States. However, there are a few locations nearby in Jordan. But we can expect Tesla to be proactive about installing Supercharger network as soon as they start selling cars in Israel.

Elon Musk is known for staying at top of the game. It is very likely that there are crews installing Supercharger stations as of current. Considering the fact that Israel is one of the fewest nations to receive abundant sunlight. It will not come as a surprise if these Supercharger stations are supplied with electric generated from solar panels.

A few days ago, Tesla filed an application to patent for a chemical additive. Which they aim to find a formula to double the battery life cycle. This is a part of the company’s ongoing effort to reduce upfront cost and making Tesla cars affordable to a much wider audience. Extending the battery lifespan also aligns with Elon Musk’s goal of achieving one-million miles battery.

CEO Elon Musk’s other company, called Boring Company, also plans to finish the underground tunnel project in Las Vegas. The company stated that the project is slated to be operational as early as in middle of 2020. They are also looking to expand the underground network in other major cities such as Chicago and Baltimore.

As Tesla gears up its factories around the company by opening up to a lot of new potential customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if they introduce a cybertruck version of their wildly popular Roadster? Will it encourage more competition and eventually with the company’s search for discovery to extend battery lifespan other companies will follow the steps? Let us know what you think of Tesla’s move to expand their market in other countries.

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