Top 4 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners to Make Money

Top Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

If you are looking to make money online, affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective and easiest way to get started. All you need to do is sign up for domain and web hosting plan at Siteground. Then partner with one of these top 4 best affiliate programs for beginners to make money.

Affiliate marketing have been around for quite some time since it first made the debut back in 1989 and still remains to be a very profitable source to make money.

For some beginners and new affiliate marketers who are just getting started with their first website. It can be quite a bit overwhelming to decide which companies or merchants you want to partner with for your blog or website.

Fortunately, I have created a monster guide about affiliate marketing to help beginners and new affiliate marketers like you to get started with your first product.

All of these top 4 best affiliate programs do not require any prior traffic in order to affiliate market their products on your website. Registering for these affiliate programs is straightforward, simple and quick.

Once you become an affiliate partner for the companies or merchants, you will get unique links with affiliate ID attached to it. These are used to track your referrals and whenever they make purchases on the third-party website, you will earn commission sales.

Before I share the top 4 best affiliate programs for beginners and new affiliate marketers. I want to cover the fundamental of affiliate marketing so that you understand how it works to the core.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing specialization that involves you partnering with a merchant and promoting their products on your website. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you get a small percentage of the sale in form of commission sale.

Then that commission sale is put on hold for a period of time, typically for 30 days. This is to protect you and the merchant in case the customer decides to return product for whenever reasons. After a period of the time if the customer doesn’t return the product, that commission sale goes to your bank and is available for withdrawal.

What is Affiliate Marketing

To simplify how affiliate marketing exactly works, it follow steps like this:

  1. Promote merchant’s products on your website.
  2. Visitors clicks on the products promoted on your website.
  3. Visitors buys the products and your commission sale goes into holding period.
  4. After a short period, that commission sales goes to your bank and is available for withdrawal.
  5. Rinse and repeat for other sales.

Affiliate marketing is a never-ending cycle which means you can promote many as you want as long there are interests among customers looking for answers their question.

Will Affiliate Marketing Make You Rich?

This is actually a two-part question — no and yes.

First of all, affiliate marketing is not a “get-rich fast” scheme. This is not how it exactly work at all because you need to build an audience first and promote products that answers their question.

Building an audience takes time. You have to earn your audience’s trust and explain why the product you are promoting is the answer to their question. How much you earn for each sale is also a factor.

Over the time as you blog, you will have a web of products that are being promoted across the site. In general, affiliate marketing takes time with the first few weeks being the hardest part and the subsequently months being the easiest part.

As I mentioned previously, affiliate marketing is not going to make you rich fast at all just like your day job. But with time, effort and commitment put into your blog, affiliate marketing can be quite a lucrative form of passive income.

Top 4 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Below is a list of top 4 best affiliate programs for beginners to get started with making money on their websites.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

Amazon Associate affiliate program is one of the easiest way to start making money. Although, they aren’t exactly the best affiliate program for building passive income quickly due to low commission sale, their sheer number of products and high conversion rate makes up for it.

This affiliate program comes with various products from millions of sellers on the platform that makes it easy enough to promote in any type of niche site.

Whether you are looking for products for your outdoor and sports or cameras niche site, there are just so much to promote. Amazon is also a trusted eCommerce website with a very high conversion rate which makes it easy enough to earn commission sales quickly.

One of the main advantage about becoming an Amazon Associate affiliate partner is that your Amazon affiliate link will be able to earn commission sales on any products that the referred visitor makes.

For instance, if you are promoting cameras and the referred visitors buys a washing machine, you will still earn commission for that which is actually pretty sweet deal.

The length of cookie duration is short, however, their high conversion rate makes Amazon Associate affiliate program a popular starting place for beginners and new affiliate marketers.

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program Information:

  • Conversion Rate: Very High
  • Commission Rate: 3%
  • Length of Cookie Duration: 24 Hours
  • Where to Register: Click here to register

Share-A-Sale Affiliate Program

Share-A-Sale affiliate program is another popular marketing platform. Unlike Amazon, Share-A-Sale is made of multiple merchants that sets their own commission rate, length of cookie duration and conversion rate is dependent on their ability to convert visitors into customers.

If you prefer to make some decent dollars for each sale that you make, Share-A-Sale have merchants that offers generous rewards to affiliate marketers. Some of their programs have tiered commission structure which rewards you more the more sales you make.

It is a great way to provide incentive for the affiliate marketers to work hard and get paid well for their effort. While you can register for free at Share-A-Sale, some of the merchants have traffic and quality requirements that you need to meet first before they approve your application.

There are also quite a several merchants who will gladly accept you upon submitting your application. Either way, Share-A-Sale is a good place to get started if you want to make bucks instead of pennies and dimes at Amazon.

Share-A-Sale Affiliate Program Information:

  • Conversion Rate: Moderate (Depends on merchants)
  • Commission Rate: 5% to 50% (Depends on merchants)
  • Length of Cookie Duration: 7 days to lifetime (Depends on merchants)
  • Where to Register: Click here to register

ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank affiliate program is a niche marketplace that serves in a different functionality compared to Share-A-Sale and Amazon Associate Affiliate Program. Promoting products from ClickBank takes a little bit of time because they have a much more focus of where to sell them.

But registering to become ClickBank affiliate is absolutely free and doesn’t have any site requirements at all. ClickBank conversion rate tends to vary depending on products you are promoting.

Although, ClickBank is well known for their high commission sales. You can easily earn tens and hundreds of dollars just for promoting their products on your websites. Majority of these products have generous commission rate and cookie duration which makes it quite attractive for affiliate marketers.

If you want to master the basics launching a successful affiliate marketing with ClickBank products, there is an affiliate marketing course called ClickBank University.

Signing up to become ClickBank affiliate is easy to do so but having some traffic will make it possible to earn commission sales.

ClickBank Affiliate Program Information:

  • Conversion Rate: Moderate (Depends on products)
  • Commission Rate: 20% to 75% (Depends on products)
  • Length of Cookie Duration: 7 days to lifetime (Depends on products)
  • Where to Register: Click here to register

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate is actually an affiliate marketing course within affiliate program. It is one of the largest affiliate marketing community around the world. There are millions of affiliate marketers who visits the platform to help beginners learn and develop their affiliate marketing skill.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches and develops your affiliate marketing through series of tutorials, guides, and videos. They even have virtual classrooms which you can interact with other people and ask questions regarding to affiliate marketing.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate can be quite profitable, not because they are one-time sale, but because they happens on recurring basis. Which means you will earn recurring sales for every referrals who becomes premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Freemium Wealthy Affiliate members earns 25% of the commission sales while premium members earns 50% of the commission sales.

As a premium member, you can earn roughly $25 for each successful referral on monthly basis. Multiple that by 300 referrals and you will earn $7,500 every month. If that almost sounds too good to be true, then read this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more.

If you are a first timer at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get 7-days free premium membership to your account via this link.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Information:

  • Conversion Rate: Moderate
  • Commission Rate: 25% (Freemium) / 50% (Premium)
  • Length of Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Where to Register: Click here to register
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