Top 4 Popular Virus Themed Mobile Games to Pass Time During Quarantine

Virus Themed Mobile Games

With Coronavirus spreading all across the globe, there’s been an uptick in the number of installs for video conferencing tools, contact tracing apps, remote collaboration solutions, and surprisingly, virus themed mobile games. This is hardly a new phenomenon, though.

Games like these also saw an uptick a couple of years ago as well, during previous epidemics, such as the Ebola outbreak of 2014. Let’s take a look at four virus themed mobile games available for free on Play Store, to help you pass time when stuck at home.

Top 4 Best Virus Themed Mobile Games to Pass Time

If you are currently in quarantine or simply looking for popular virus themed mobile games to pass time. Then look no further because we have assembled the best virus themed mobile games to keep yourself busy during these rough times!

Cells to Singularity

Cells to Singularity Gameplay

With rich graphics, video cut scenes at key places and amazing background music and sound effects, Cells to Singularity gives a pretty immersive experience for players. A classic clicker game, this app simulates the story of the universe and how life began in it – starting right down from primordial soup on Earth.

Clicking anywhere on the screen gives you entropy, which you can use to buy upgrades, evolve organisms and later in the game, do scientific research.

The gameplay doesn’t stop with present-day humans either – after going through microbes, small organisms, dinosaurs and finally arriving at something human-like, you can go on further into the future and explore how the future might branch out, making it a very addictive game to play.

Cells to Singularity is available on both Google Play and Apple Store and has been downloaded by more than five million people.

Idle Plague

Idle Plague Gameplay

Another clicker game, Idle Plague, is a recently released Android game that lets you take a dive into the microbial world and build a microbe that can take over the world.

Unlike the other games on the list which feature breathtaking graphics, Idle Plague chooses to use relatively minimal or low-poly graphics in its gameplay.

Despite its recency of release, this game has gathered more than a hundred thousand installs on Google Play, despite still being in the testing or beta release phase.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Our virus themed mobile games list isn’t complete without mentioning Plague Inc, one of the earliest games simulating disease spread. While Plague Inc was initially inspired and released as a desktop and a flash web game, the Android app for Plague Inc. has more than fifty million installs today.

Plague Inc begins with you starting a disease, say a virus, somewhere on the globe – experienced players would tell you that starting it in a country like India or China is a good idea.

Once it starts spreading to more people, you get DNA points, an in-game currency that can be used to make your pathogen more contagious or lethal.

The objective of the game is straightforward: eliminate everyone on the globe, before humanity completes making a vaccine or a cure. To help you achieve this you can evolve your pathogen to increase its resistance to drugs, reshuffle its DNA to make discovering a cure harder or increase its lethality to take a larger toll on humans.

With multiple categories of pathogens including virus, bacteria, fungus and parasite, each with its individual set of traits, this game offers hours of gameplay, especially if you try to play the game in harder modes.

One frustrating fact that you’ll find out about the game is that it’s very easy to be stuck in situations where there’s no way to win, especially in the brutal or ultra-brutal modes.

To fight the spread of disease, countries can take action by increasing research funding, shutting down seaports and airports, and in extreme cases bomb heavily affected cities to eliminate cases.

Some countries like Greenland, are really hard to infect – because they’re rich countries with powerful medicines, sparsely populated and extremely cold.

If your virus doesn’t end up infecting Greenland or Madagascar fast enough in the end game phase, people there might end up dying faster than the virus spreads, effectively eliminating your virus after more than 98% of the world’s been conquered.

Another problem is when Madagascar doesn’t get infected with the virus but closes all contact with the outside world by closing its seaports – making it nigh impossible to infect.

Bio Inc.

Bio Inc Redemption

With a dozen and a half stages and hundreds of very realistic biological conditions along with amazing graphics, Bio Incorporated – Biomedical Plague and Rebel Doctors, let’s you create an illness that can target any of the body’s systems.

Unlike Plague Inc, where you plan and control disease spread on a world map, this game is played entirely on one patient. After reading up on the patient’s weaknesses and habits, you can create diseases that spread through the body’s many systems.

Unlike Plague Inc, where you might end up getting stuck somewhere in the middle and unable to win, Bio Inc. is more balanced and there’s almost always some scope or opening for victory.

Some reviews of this game on the Play Store also talk about how this game helped them understand and remember parts of the body like the digestive system and the nervous system, something that high school biology often fails at. Watch the trailer for the game below.

What games have you been playing this quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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