Top 8 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Best for Beginners and Marketers

Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Why affiliate marketing when there’s plenty ways you can do to make money online?

If you are thinking of making money online, there are several ways you can do so through setting up a eCommerce website to promoting products on your social media accounts and earn commission whenever someone clicks on your links and buy them on the company’s platform.

In fact, you can earn money via making a purchase order for a product then sell them at a marked-up price to the customers on your website. You also can make money off selling services such as writing, photography, and graphic design which of course will take some time and work to satisfy your clients.

But affiliate marketing remains popular as a form of passive income for majority of bloggers and marketers who wishes to partner with third-party companies and promote products on blogs, social media platforms, and even around internet. So, if you are interested in affiliate marketing, read my monster guide to get started.

Why affiliate marketing is a better option for beginners and marketers when it comes with some risks like merchants going out of business, being at wimp of their control with commission structure and rate, and stringent terms of use and services?

In this article, I am going to share top 8 reasons why affiliate marketing is best for beginners and marketers. Then explain to you why you should start affiliate marketing as your first choice before stepping into world of eCommerce businesses.

Top 8 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Best

Why Affiliate Marketing is Best

As an avid affiliate marketer for several years, I have so many reasons to list why affiliate marketing is best for beginners and marketers. Affiliate marketing is something that you really learn to appreciate over the time and teaches you how to manage your blog like a start-up company. Here’s my reasons why it is the best:

1. Low Overhead Cost

Affiliate marketing comes with low overhead cost. You don’t need an office space or team of staff to manage your business at all. All you need is a working computer or laptop with good connection to the Internet.

Partnering with affiliate programs is free to register and majority of them don’t have any traffic requirements. You do not pay for shipping and storing the products at all which makes affiliate marketing quite an attractive option for anyone.

You also can partner with many companies as you would like without any additional expenses. Just sprinkle your blogs or social media accounts with affiliate links and earn commissions whenever someone clicks on your and buys the product from the company’s platform.

2. Easy to Get Started

It’s pretty easy to get started with affiliate marketing because all you have to do is fill out affiliate application for the companies that you would like to work. Then wait for their approval before you can start promoting products on your website and social media platforms.

Anyone can get into affiliate marketing with a domain and web hosting from Siteground at an affordable price. You do not even have to worry about all the logistics part behind the product as the companies will be doing that for you.

3. Minimal Customer Interaction

One of the biggest reason why affiliate marketing is best for beginners and marketers is that the interaction between you and customers is minimal. How many times have you faced angry customers who decided they didn’t like the product and demands for refund?

Handling angry customers can be a very displeasing feel. Fortunately, as an affiliate marketer you don’t have to interact with these customers as much as you would compared to running an eCommerce website.

Majority of companies that offers affiliate programs do have dedicated customer success team who specializes in retaining the customers, which reduces the likeihood of refunds by helping out the customers and providing them the support they need in order to satisfy them.

4. Great Support and Learning Materials

Affiliate marketing is a never-ending cycle, which means you are going to become a life learner when it comes to promoting products. Many companies who offers affiliate program have their own affiliate manager teams who is committed to help you succeed.

There is also plenty of affiliate marketing materials to learn on the Internet. Sometimes you will find new ways to make simple changes such as color of your theme, or adding call-to-action button to increase your conversion rate along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate is a very good affiliate marketing course that is staying updated constantly thanks to their huge community which consists of experienced and like-minded affiliate marketers who wants to help each other grow and succeed.

As an affiliate marketer, you get all the support you need in order to promote third-party products with great success. They are very willing to give you tips and guides on how to pull it off easily.

5. Run Like a Business

One of my favorite reason why affiliate marketing is best for beginners and marketers is because you can run it like a business. If you are going to make money online, then you need to run your blog like a business.

Think of your blog like a start-up company who is looking to grow. Identify your audience and write blog posts about products that are the answer to these visitors’ questions via search engines.

Over the time, you can expand your blog to cover other area of topics and partner with more companies to increase your revenue. Affiliate marketing is easy to run as business because there’s so much room to expand and you can do that with relative ease.

6. Learn Something New

When I first started an affiliate marketing website about drones, I had no knowledge about these gadget. But I have passion talking about drones and wanted to learn more about it. So I put in time and effort to learn about these quadcopters.

Over the time, I became familiar about these drones such as flight time, specifications, performance, and even got my own professional drones with the money I made off affiliate marketing.

If you want to talk about a niche subject but know nothing about it. That’s fine, if you are passion and want to blog about a niche you have little to no prior knowledge. Then you will succeed because passion is the driving force behind learning something new and will help you build an authoritative website.

7. Plenty of Opportunities

One of the main advantage that affiliate marketing has to offer is opportunities. There’s so many opportunities to promote their products on your website and increase your overall earnings. If you recently blogged about their product, you definitely can write more posts about them.

Whenever you write a product review, then you should do comparison guide, listicle guide (an article with list of products), and even recommendation guide for the visitors who is looking for answers to their questions via the search engines.

Some affiliate programs such as Banggood do host special events that rewards affiliates for meeting certain number of sales or earnings. Be on the outlook for upcoming products that the companies are releasing and grab on the opportunity to promote new products to your audience.

8. Amazing Growth Potential

Affiliate marketing only have been around for some time and is growing at an annual rate of 10.1%. Which means there is a lot of growth potential for anyone who is looking to make money via affiliate marketing.

When you start off with your first affiliate marketing website, it can be challenging because you will build your website from scratch. But over the time as you blog, your website grows and so does the earnings that you earn from promoting products.

The more traffic you generate, the more earnings and growth potential your website will get. By thinking your blog as a start-up company, there is always room to grow to scoop up new visitors who never heard of your website before and becomes a recurring customer.

Where to Start Affiliate Marketing

Top Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Best

If you are convinced with my reasoning why affiliate marketing is best for beginners and marketers. And you want to know where to start affiliate marketing. These are the best affiliate programs that pays well and doesn’t have any requirements for new affiliate marketers.

I also recommend getting your domain and web hosting at Siteground so that you can set up your website. If you prefer to learn how to affiliate marketing while hosting your website at the same time, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid choice since they are specialized for this type of marketing.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a “get-rich fast” scheme. But with your time, effort and commitment pouring into your affiliate marketing website will pay off in the long term and even help you reach your financial goals faster.

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