Top 5 Tips to Massively Increase Your Affiliate Conversions: Guide for Beginners

Top Tips to Massively Increase Your Affiliate Conversions

I am a big believer of creating your own product and service to sell on your website is one of the best way to build wealth. Although, it isn’t always the best choice for some aspiring affiliate marketers.

Perhaps you are thinking that I am crazy for saying this, but even if you create your own products such as online courses, which will generate profit fast for your business. Not everyone have the time or money to invest to create a product right now.

Which is why affiliate marketing is popular because they are easy, cost-effective and doesn’t take that much time. In fact, all you need is a domain and web hosting plan on Siteground or Wealthy Affiliate in order to start converting visitors into customers via affiliate conversions.

Majority of bloggers and marketers need to earn more money to fuel their businesses, so they turn to promoting other companies’ products on their websites.

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play and the best part about this form of marketing is that they are completely passive. You do not have to worry about logistics, handling customers request or anything of that.

Anyone with limited budget can easily get started with affiliate marketing right away after creating their own website or looking to expand online business / blog with minimal effort.

In this guide, I am going to share my top 5 tips to massively increase your affiliate conversions without any of these dirty tricks. Before I reveal my top tips with you, I want to share the 3 big rules of affiliate marketing that I rigorously follow to increase the conversion rate.

This will help establish the groundwork when you are ready to hit the road as an affiliate marketer. You are probably telling to yourself, “Oh great! There’s rules I need to follow now?” But just about any successful affiliate marketer you ask will say the same thing.

You don’t have to follow these rules, but if you want to succeed and improve your overall affiliate conversion rate without selling your soul, then following these 3 big rules of affiliate marketing is essential to growing your niche site.

3 Big Rules of Affiliate Marketing to Follow

Rules of Affiliate Marketing

As I mentioned previously, these are the rules of affiliate marketing that I highly recommend following if you want to increase affiliate conversions. Take advantage of these rules will help you in the long term, specifically with earning trust among your audience and promoting the right products that aims to solve users’ problems.

Here is the list of the 3 big rules of affiliate marketing below:

1. Only Recommend Product That You Use

This is the biggest rule of affiliate marketing. Only recommend product that you actually use. Just because you sign up with a random affiliate program in order to make money will not work 99% of the time.

In order for someone to buy the product from your affiliate links, your audience needs to know that you actually use it and genuinely like it. Your audience is smart enough and they can tell the difference between a fraud affiliate marketer and genuine affiliate marketer.

This is also a commonly violated rule and I see it happens a lot. It is also one of the biggest reason why new affiliate marketers struggle to grow because they keep on breaking this simple and basic rule due to lack of audience trust.

Only recommend product that you use. Audience trusts your opinion and they want to see you as the expert. Don’t expect to make quick bucks by selling products that you do not know or have any value in.

2. Don’t Recommend Products That Isn’t Helpful to Your Audience

Another big rule of affiliate marketing is don’t recommend products that’s not helpful to your audience. I made this mistake a few times and it’s very common for new affiliate marketers who tends to promote everything to their audience.

Perhaps you thought that promoting everything will earn you more money. You are missing out on valuable insight: your audience actually is looking for to solve their problems or answers.

Instead of promoting everything, you need to change your mindset. Think of yourself as a visitor who happens to visit your own website and when you read the post content with offering, are you finding the answers that you are looking for?

If not, then you need to restructure your content so that the audience is genuinely interested in. Not because you think these products are what they want. You need to promote products that actually solves the problems and it is what they are looking for.

If you need help with how to promote products effectively to your audience, then read my monster-guide on affiliate marketing.

3. Don’t Scream Buy Now

Affiliate marketing is a rewarding job if done right. But don’t come right out and scream at your audience to buy the product now. Sure this works well for eCommerce websites, but not for affiliate marketing websites and blogs.

You need to establish trust with your audience first before telling them to buy something you recommend. Show your audience what the product is about than telling them about it. Explain about the product like you own it and knows ins / outs.

This is done by creating valuable content such as guides, tutorials and comparsion posts that reveals your audience what, how, and why you are recommending these products.

Now that we have these 3 big rules of affiliate marketing covered. It is time to figure out how to increase your affiliate conversion rate that anyone can do it easily.

5 Tips to Massively Increase Your Affiliate Conversions

Tips to Increase Affiliate Conversion Rate

There are several ways you can promote affiliate products and services with these top 5 tips to boost conversion rate and start earning more money the right way:

  1. Create a Resources Page
  2. Promote Pillar Content
  3. Internal Linkbuilding
  4. Create Content Videos
  5. Collect E-mail Signups

1. Create a Resources Page

One of the best way to boost your affiliate conversion rate is to create a resources page. It is simple, effectively and acts as guidance for your audience who wants to know what products you are using to build a successful website like yours.

Creating a resources page doesn’t takes that much time at all. Smart affiliate marketers refer their website’s resources page on social network without coming off as spammy. It’s great and serves in the public’s best interests.

Having a resources page makes it easy for you to refer because then you won’t feel like you are selling your audience off.

2. Promote Pillar Content

A pillar content usually is informative piece of content on specific topic that is divided into sections such as guides, review, and reports. They are amazing at driving your affiliate conversions because it helps your audience learn more about the product you are promoting about.

My best affiliate programs guide for beginners is a great example of pillar content since it explains each affiliate program that I recommend for beginners who is interested in affiliate marketing.

It also helps your readers because they will see you promoting a handful of products that you know will benefit them to their success. Stick to small list to improve your affiliate conversion rate and earning potential.

3. Internal Linkbuilding

Another way you also can boost your affiliate conversions is to build internal links to valuable posts such as guides, reviews, resources, and comparsion.

To write a post that will convert, you need to create blog posts and link to your valuable posts frequently. This works because it shows your readers how to use a product instead of telling them to buy it.

You can learn more about internal linkbuilding strategies to maximize your affiliate conversion rate. But here’s some post ideas that you can link to frequently which will help your website rank higher in the search engines:

  • Reviews
  • Compare
  • Resources
  • Gift Guides
  • Listicles / Roundups
  • Recommendations

The big picture is to write informative guide for your audience on tools and products. Explain to them step-by-step on how to use them. Show them how than telling them to do.

4. Create Video Content

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google? Billions are consuming videos on daily basis and creating video content for your website is a great traffic driver. Here’s how creating video content will impact your website:

  • Increases your audience engagement rate.
  • Helps retain your audience on your website for longer time.
  • Tells the story behind the products you are promoting.

Video contributes value to your post content and have positive SEO impact on your website, which will help you rank higher in the search engines. Which in exchanges brings new traffic flow and convert more potential visitors into customers.

Top marketing websites such as do this to engage their audience, shows them how it is done step-by-step with visual guidance. It is a great way to increase your brand awareness and trust among audience.

5. Collect E-mail Signups

This is one of the most effective way you can do to boost your affiliate conversions, yet not many bloggers are doing this simply because it’s too hard for them and takes time to do this.

A simple, yet effective way to do this is to offer something that your visitors can’t refuse or pass on the offer. Include special discount code like coupons, eBooks and even limited offerings that indulge the urge to grab the product before it expires.

It helps get your product to the front of your readers by showing them why you like it and why you recommend it. If you need help, you can ask your affiliate program manager if they are willing to give you a discount code for your audience.

Doing something simple like this is an amazing way to increase your conversion rate.

Next Step: Boost Your Affiliate Conversions

Now that you know these top 5 tips to massively improve your affiliate conversions. It’s take to take actionable step and implement them onto your website. Make changes to your blog posts and watch your overall affiliate conversion rate increase.

If you are already generating traffic but not earning enough money. You definitely can improve the conversion rate without having to create new posts after posts. Making improvements to your blog posts is the best effective way to do so.

I would love to hear your affiliate conversion strategies that you are using to improve your affiliate conversions on your website. Please share with us by leaving a reply in the comments section below. Happy blogging.

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